A positive approach to fertility

Help and Support

Fertility is not necessarily a subject people are educated about or think about until fertility issues arise. It can then be overwhelming knowing where to start to educate yourself or to find support and reliable information. 

There is a wealth of information available to support and educate people during their fertility journey and this website aims to help people access that information quickly and easily, especially when they need it the most.


Focus on the positives

Infertility tends to have negative connotations so focusing on the positives of fertility and supporting education to advocate for your own fertility is where Positility can help! Our aim is to promote and provide support towards a positive approach to fertility.

To accompany the resources on this website, we can also offer a variety of professional services which can be tailored to your requirements, from an informal talk to a formal training session.

My fertility journey

From personal experience of infertility, endometriosis, IVF and miscarriage there was a personal desire to help others avoid the same difficulties which is how this website came to be created.

We are all on this road together, read more about my own fertility journey so far… 


Feedback is appreciated as the goal is to make this as user friendly, inclusive and supportive as possible.

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