Sarah Banks Coach

UK based. Sarah Banks is a fertility coach offering one-to-one coaching as well as Facebook closed support groups. She offers an Empower Your IVF course and has also created the IVF Positivity Planner and Menopause Positivity Planner. She is also available for speaking, writing or consulting on fertility related topics and offers workplace support.

Baby Loss Retreat

UK based. Baby loss retreat was set up to help families trying to cope with the death of a child.

Fertility Network UK

UK based. Whether you’re trying to conceive, going through treatment, or living without children, Fertility Network are there to help. With a wide range of free online support groups for a variety of different topics, many useful articles and often free yoga or meditation classes.

The Good Grief Project

UK based. Mission to support families grieving after the untimely death of a loved one, particularly the death of a child.

The Compassionate Friends

UK based. The Compassionate Friends is a charitable organisation of bereaved parents, siblings and grandparents dedicated to the support and care of other similarly bereaved family members who have suffered the death of a child or children of any age and from any cause.

Teddy’s Wish

UK based. Funding research into the causes of baby loss and providing hope and support for grieving families, including a free gift pack for recently bereaved families.

Heart in their Hand

UK based. ‘Heart in their Hand’ is a beautiful project which offers families a gift that is shared with their baby or loved one, including personalised jewellery and mementos.

Children of Jannah

UK based. Offer a range of specialist bereavement support services designed to help bereaved parents cope with their grief based on Muslim beliefs. 

ARC (Antenatal Results & Choices)

UK based. A non-directive information and support before, during and after antenatal screening. Information and support after diagnosis and supporting loss.

Aching Arms

UK based. Aching Arms is a charity that gives its comfort bears to hospitals and hospices, for midwives and nurses to offer to bereaved parents in their care. Also a shop to purchase additional gifts or mementos.

Baby Loss Awareness Week

UK based. Baby Loss Awareness Week is a wonderful opportunity to bring people together as a community and give anyone touched by pregnancy and baby loss a safe and supportive space to share their experiences and feel that they are not alone.

Mizan Therapy

UK based. Mizan Therapists use traditional techniques to support reproductive healing and help restore balance via abdominal massage.

Randox Health

UK based. Offer a wide variety of at home or in person blood tests, including female and male fertility tests.

Miracle Inside

UK based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Offer fertility blood tests and scans including uterine lining.

Hertility Health

UK based at home fertility testing, access to fertility specialists and merchandise.

Access Fertility

IVF finance packages and support, including refund packages and 0% interest finance options. Also includes a shop with fertility test and supplements available to purchase.

The Fertility Show

Annual live show in London focused on fertility with live speakers, fertility clinics from the UK and overseas, advice groups, charities, nutritional and lifestyle advisers, acupuncturists, dietitians, and more. Also includes focused seminars and workshops.

The Fertility Shop

UK based. An online shop specializing in fertility, offering supplements, fertility tests, lubricants and natural skin care.


App for fertility tracking


Ovia Health

Website for individuals or businesses to support women’s health, family building, maternity, family health, menopause and more.

Ovia Health