Physical Support

Retreat Remedies

UK based. Natural toxin free products including apple cider vinegars, herbal tea blends, glass tea flasks, essential oils and candles. Also offer retreats and workshops to make your own.

Art of Self Worth

US based. Offering individual support as well as support groups, plus on-demand support to suit your needs, their goal is to help people find their paths with embodiment practices, movement, coaching, energy healing, and deep dive writing exercises. They also organize at least one retreat per year.

The Ribbon Box

UK based. A free, supportive and inspirational community, by your side through the highs and lows of preconception, pregnancy and parenting covering a very wide range of categories!

Fertility Network UK

UK based. Whether you’re trying to conceive, going through treatment, or living without children, Fertility Network are there to help. With a wide range of free online support groups for a variety of different topics, many useful articles and often free yoga or meditation classes.

Arvigo Therapy

US based.  An ancient Mayan healing technique focused around abdominal massage that aims to restore and balance the body and can support many specific conditions. Option to Find a Therapist worldwide.

Mizan Therapy

UK based. Mizan Therapists use traditional techniques to support reproductive healing and help restore balance via abdominal massage.

British Acupuncture Council

UK based. The largest professional body for acupuncturists, led by members. Includes information about acupuncture, specific fertility related topics and option to search for an acupuncturist.

British Nutrition Foundation

UK based. Provide information and training around diet and nutrition, including male factor infertility and trying to conceive.

Hertility Health

UK based at home fertility testing, access to fertility specialists and merchandise.

IVF Babble

Helping people navigate their fertility journey with guidance and support, real life stories, an online TTC community and medical advice from trusted experts. A wealth of information covering a very wide range of fertility topics and areas of support.

The Fertility Show

Annual live show in London focused on fertility with live speakers, fertility clinics from the UK and overseas, advice groups, charities, nutritional and lifestyle advisers, acupuncturists, dietitians, and more. Also includes focused seminars and workshops.

Maven Clinic

Website and app for individuals and employers offering direct online access to medical professionals to support fertility and family building. Includes access to mental health professionals, fertility nurses, OB-GYNs, doulas, career coaches, fertility coaches, and more.


Fertile Body Yoga

Online fertility yoga classes

Fertile Body Yoga

Bettina Rae

Online fertility yoga classes

Bettina Rae

Claire Sparrow Pilates

UK based pilates classes in person and online. Focus on pelvic health.

Claire Sparrow Pilates

Yoga for Fertility

Online yoga for fertility.

Yoga for Fertility

Fertile Hope Yoga

Online fertility yoga classes and app with different packages available. Delivered by somebody who has firsthand experience of infertility.

Fertile Hope

Annie Perry Yoga & Wellbeing

UK based yoga teacher and doula with both in person (in Glasgow, Scotland) or virtual classes and communities. Annie previously delivered free Fertility Yoga classes via Fertility Network too.

Brett Larkin Yoga for Fertility

US based yoga classes and teacher  training programs. Focus on women’s health including Fertility and Pregnancy specific classes either for free via YouTube or paid packages.

Pulling Down the Moon

US based focused on holistic health for fertility. Creators of Fully Fertile and The Infertility Cleanse: Detox, Diet and Dharma for Fertility.